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About me

Domenic Fazioli is a television reporter & producer with City-TV’s “Breakfast Television” program, the top English morning show in Montreal.

Domenic has uncovered the Quebec whereabouts of convicted schoolgirl killer Karla Homolka in 2006, 2016 and 2017; he’s met with Hells Angels prison escapee Francis Boucher, and his stories on missing children have helped reunite youngsters with their desperate parents.

Before joining City-TV, Domenic was reporting for Global News in Montreal for 15 years.

He’s also worked with the top-rated CBC “Hockey Night In Canada” program and served as a story producer for several PBS programs.

Domenic studied at Ryerson University in Toronto.

In August 2012, Domenic became the first Quebecer to take part in the “Living Kidney Donor Paired Exchange” program.  He donated his kidney to a complete stranger and in turn his father received a kidney that saved his life!  Watch and read the inspirational story in the “My Work” section. Click on “My Kidney Donation”.

Have a story idea? Connect with Domenic on Twitter (@domenicfazioli) or email him at